Speed Valley Adventure Experiences are unique and innovative that are aimed on providing an exhilarating experience to visitors & tourists of all ages.
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About Speed Valley.

Speed Valley is Saudi company that focuses on
providing unique and thrilling experiences in
Enterainment, Transportation, Tourism and Sports.
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environment friendly


“Shweeb” is a monorail for human-powered vehicles.
It can consist of as many long overhead rail circuits as needed which can vary in height between two to six meters above the ground. Under the tracks hang high performance pedal powered vehicles enabling visitors to move from a place to another with a thrilling experience.

Power It Up With Shweeb!
Feel 450 HP on Water..!
Feel The Force Of Zero Gravity
FreeFall Extreme
Dive Into Full Velocity!
Freestyle Airbag - Speed Valley
Invincible. Unstoppable. Alive.
Bungy Jumping
Bungy Jumping Invincible. Unstoppable. Alive.- Speed Valley
Saudi's First
Freestyle Airbag
“Shweeb's“ Added – Value in..

A unique attraction point, which can be utilized to link close tourism destination points, in an interactive and engaging experience.

“Shweeb Racer” can be utilized in racing and exercising while enjoying a safe and healthy experience.

“Shweeb” can be integrated into an entertainment ride complex along with a variety of thrilling activities offered by “Speed Valley” such as “Swoop, Bungy Jumping, Agrojet, Free Fall Xtreme in addition to Freestyle Airbag”.

“Speed Valley” aims to Develop “Shweeb” to become an Eco-Transportation System by 2030.


Founded in 1998, Velocity Valley is New Zealand's leading adventure hub, offering the world's most exciting and unique activities ranging from a low to high adrenaline buzz in one beautiful location in Rotorua.

Each activity at “Speed Valley” has a different training program in place to ensure the crew member that is looking after you is an expert at what they do.


All of our activities utilize and operate with tried and true industry standard equipment, to ensure that the highest level of safety is maintained.


All of our activities have an impeccable safety record; Speed Valley’s partners undergo a number of auditing processes both internally and externally throughout the year.



“Speed Valley” is fully accessible for those with physical disabilities. Our activities cater for a wide variety of abilities. Staff is available to assist where required.

Medical or Health Conditions

Medical or Health Conditions

If you are pregnant, have a heart condition, neck or back problems, epilepsy, and a neurological disorder you should not participate in any of the above activities. You should seek medical advice first.
If you do have any queries that you would like to be addressed on a one-to-one basis before your visit, please contact “Speed Valley” and we can consult our operations team based on your requirements.


Discover the thrills and excitement that await you with our adventure experiences, where nature meets adrenaline.

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